The best tinder pick up line according to science

pick up line statistics


Scientists have taken a closer look at pick-up lines, and their findings shed light on what works. According to a study in “Personality and Individual Differences,” guys seem to respond well when women use direct pick-up lines. The study suggests that, for women, the most effective pick-up lines are direct, followed by finding common ground, asking for a phone number, and then throwing in some innocuous lines. Another study suggests that pick-up lines can indeed be effective in creating romantic or flirty connections, with men favoring direct lines from women. All sources can be found at the end.

#1 Be original

pick up line statistics

Here are examples on pick up lines used in the study:

• Random: Do you mind if I kiss your tasty lips?
• Common: Hey! Do you mind if I tell you how good-looking you are?
• Original: Hey! Do you mind if I take this lovely match to my favourite spot?

Using creative and fitting pick-up lines in online dating has a positive impact on how attractive, date-worthy, and responsive others perceive you.


#2 It’s not all about what you say

The success of pick-up lines isn’t just about the words used. It’s like a scientific puzzle where factors like age, personality, and attractiveness play a role. Being outgoing is particularly important, especially when it comes to women’s pick-up lines.

best openers by age in online dating

And there’s more to the story. The setting matters too. Research indicates that pick-up lines work by breaking the ice and even bringing some laughter when used appropriately. The most successful pick-up lines are those that seamlessly fit into a natural conversation, delivered in a playful and easygoing manner – no pressure or manipulation. Interestingly, being straightforward works better than being overly silly or too subtle. Women, it seems, appreciate subtle pick-up lines from men.

#3 “Hey” does not work.


Best openers in online dating

21% of women say a guy’s opener on Tinder and Hinge should be 2-3 sentences, and 12% say a guy’s opener should be just a few words. Across the board, all women agree that a guy’s opener should never be longer than a few sentences.

In a nutshell, the science behind pick-up lines reveals that their effectiveness depends on various factors – the directness of the line, the context in which it’s used, and the characteristics of the individuals involved.

The best lines by gender

Top openers by gender

In 2006, Bale, Morrison, and Caryl kicked off the scientific examination of pick-up lines. They gathered 40 lines from various sources and had both men and women rate them. The lines that emphasized a guy’s athleticism, culture, wealth, or generosity were considered effective for starting a conversation with a woman. On the flip side, empty compliments and overly sexual lines didn’t make the cut.

uncommon tinder opener statistics

Building on this work, Cooper and team (2007) dug deeper, using the same pick-up lines and throwing personality tests into the mix. The results echoed the earlier findings, showing that lines highlighting positive qualities or mate value were the most effective. Interestingly, women who were self-conscious, shy, or anxious preferred lines that emphasized friendliness and consideration. Outgoing women, on the other hand, leaned towards humorous and direct approaches. And for those with more aggressive or risk-taking tendencies, the “bad boy” types scored points, with both generic compliments and overtly sexual lines finding favor.


Ineffective pick up lines graph


#4 Refer to your matches profile

When starting a chat in online dating, checking out the other person’s profile can be a good move. If you show you’ve read and understood their info, it makes a positive impression. It’s like saying, “Hey, I care about what you’ve shared.” This personal touch helps create a connection right from the get-go. Also, mentioning something specific from their profile gives you an easy topic to chat about. It shows you’re not just interested in their looks but want to know them better. So, using their profile in openers boosts your chances of getting a good response and maybe building a real connection


mentioning profile on tinder

The secret to making a memorable first impression, as per the wisdom out there, is to ditch the standard “Hi” or “Hey, what’s up?” Instead, go for something distinctive — not crossing into the icky territory, of course — and you’ll find yourself catching people’s attention.



The key to a memorable first impression is to ditch generic greetings and opt for something distinctive. Remember, while science provides general insights, the real effectiveness of pick-up lines varies based on personal preferences and social context.


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