80+ Moon pick up line examples that actually work

moon themed pick up lines

Moon pick up lines are lines that you can say when flirting with someone that likes the moon. Here are our best moon themed pick up lines:


  • “You’re the soft glow in my thoughts, making everything feel warm.”

  • “If you were the moon, I’d be like the tide, naturally drawn to you.”

  • “You’re like a lunar eclipse – rare, captivating, and making my heart beat a little faster.”

  • “You’re the gentle smile in the night sky, and I can’t resist your calming presence.”

  • “If I were an astronaut, I’d want to orbit around you, caught up in your wonderful charm.”

  • “Just like the moon, you light up my world, making everything feel a bit more magical.”

  • “You’re the full moon on my horizon, making everything look especially beautiful.”

  • “In the dance of life, you’re my favorite phase – always changing but incredibly enchanting.”
  • Are you the moon? Because I can’t help but be drawn to your gravitational pull.

  • Is your name Luna? Because your presence lights up my darkest nights.

  • Are you a crescent moon? Because you’ve got just the right amount of mystery.

  • If you were the moon, I’d be the tide—helplessly pulled towards you.

  • Are you a moonbeam? Because you’ve illuminated my path with your radiant presence.

  • Is your smile as bright as the full moon? Because it lights up my whole world.

  • Are you the moon tonight? Because I can’t take my eyes off you.

  • If I were an astronaut, I’d choose to explore your moon every night.

  • Are you a lunar eclipse? Because being with you is a rare and special event.

  • Is your heart a celestial body? Because I can feel its gravitational charm pulling me closer.


Funny moon themed pick up lines

1. “Are you a shooting star? Because every time I see you, I can’t help but make wishes upon wishes for you to be mine.”

2. “You must be a rare gem because you shine brighter than any diamond and capture my heart with your unique sparkle.”

3. “If love were a garden, you would be the most beautiful flower blooming in its midst, captivating my senses with your enchanting fragrance.”

4. “You remind me of a captivating sunset, with your radiant beauty illuminating my world and leaving me mesmerized.”

5. “They say music is the language of the heart, and whenever I’m near you, it feels like a symphony that resonates deep within my soul.”

6. “Just like the moon, your captivating smile lights up the darkness, making everything around you seem brighter and more beautiful.”

7. “If love were a painting, you would be the masterpiece that steals everyone’s attention, leaving them in awe of your elegance and grace.”

8. “You’re like a rare book that I can’t put down, diving deeper into your pages, craving to discover every captivating chapter of your life.”

9. “You’re sweeter than honey, making my days brighter and filling my heart with a warmth that can only be described as pure bliss.”

10. “Just like a shooting star streaking across the night sky, you’ve caught my attention and I plan on making every wish with you by my side.”

Romantic moon pick up lines

1. “You’re like a radiant full moon on a cloudless night, effortlessly captivating my gaze with your luminous beauty.”

2. “Your eyes gleam like the sparkle of moonlight on calm waters, inviting me to get lost in their enchanting depths.”

3. “Your smile illuminates the world around you, just like the soft glow of moonbeams that light up a dark night.”

4. “They say the moon controls the tides, but your presence has a similar effect on me, drawing me closer with every ebb and flow of your grace.”

5. “Your graceful movements are like the dance of moonlit shadows, enchanting and mesmerizing all who have the privilege to witness.”

6. “Your beauty shines brighter than a crescent moon, filling the night sky with an ethereal glow that captivates all who behold it.”

7. “Just like a moonflower blooming under the moon’s gentle gaze, you radiate an aura of elegance that leaves me in awe.”

8. “Your mesmerizing charm is like a lunar eclipse, drawing me closer as I yearn to explore every facet of your captivating personality.”

9. “Whenever you walk into a room, it feels like the stars align and the moon graces us with its presence, highlighting your undeniable beauty.”

10. “You possess the same celestial allure as the moon itself, radiating a luminescence that makes me feel like I’m caught in a magical dream.”


Cheesy moon themed pick up lines


  • Your radiance shines brightly, just like the moon in the night sky.

  • Your beauty is ethereal and captivates the heart and mind.

  • I am mesmerized by your lunar loveliness.

  • The moon is a symbol of grace and elegance, just like you.

  • Your allure is irresistible and draws me closer to you.

  • With every glance, you cast a spell upon me. 
  • Are you the moon? Because you’ve got my tides rising.

  • Is your name Luna? Because being with you feels like a celestial dance under the moonlight.

  • Are you a crescent moon? Because you’ve left me wanting to see more of your alluring curves.

  • If you were the moon, I’d be your satellite, orbiting you in the most enchanting way.

  • Are you a moonbeam? Because your touch feels as soft and gentle as moonlight.

  • Is your smile as bright as the full moon? Because it’s making the night unforgettable.

  • Are you the moon tonight? Because I can’t resist the urge to explore every inch of you.

  • If I were an astronaut, I’d spend every night discovering the mysteries of your moon.

  • Are you a lunar eclipse? Because being with you is an irresistible alignment of passion.

  • Is your heart a celestial body? Because I’m feeling the gravitational pull towards your heavenly love.


Flirty moon pick up lines


  1. “In the quiet glow of the moon, I found a reflection of your beauty.”

  2. “Just as the moon controls the tides, your presence stirs waves of emotions in my heart.”

  3. “Meeting you feels like discovering a secret garden illuminated by the moon’s gentle light.”

  4. “Like the moon in the night sky, you’re the brightest thing in my world.”

  5. “Our connection is like the phases of the moon, ever-changing yet constant in its magic.”

  6. “In the moonlit dance of stars, meeting you felt like a celestial waltz.”

  7. “Your eyes shine like moonlight, casting a spell on my heart that I can’t resist.”

  8. “Just as the moon completes the night, you complete the missing piece in my life.”

  9. “Under the moon’s embrace, meeting you feels like a timeless love story.”

  10. “Your presence is my moonbeam, lighting up the darkest corners of my soul.”

Naughty moon themed pick up lines:

  1. “Under the moonlight, I’m craving a rendezvous as enchanting as the stars above.”

  2. “If our chemistry were a lunar phase, tonight feels like a full moon – irresistible and intense.”

  3. “The moon isn’t the only thing that’s rising tonight; our attraction is reaching new heights.”

  4. “Let’s create our own eclipse tonight, where the only shadows are the secrets we share.”

  5. “Just like the moon teases the night sky, your presence teases my wildest desires.”

  6. “If kisses were moonbeams, I’d want to bask in the glow of your lips all night long.”

  7. “Our connection is like a moonlit whisper, meant for just the two of us to indulge in.”

  8. “Tonight, let’s be celestial bodies colliding in a cosmic dance, leaving stars in our wake.”

  9. “Your allure is as mysterious as the dark side of the moon, and I’m eager to explore.”

  10. “If our love were a constellation, tonight’s the night we create a masterpiece in the sky.”

  11. “Under the moon’s seductive glow, our chemistry ignites like a passionate celestial dance.
  12. “Tonight, our desires align with the stars, creating a celestial symphony of pleasure.”

  13. “If your lips were moonbeams, I’d gladly get lost in the sultry radiance of our kisses.”

  14. “Let’s turn this night into an erotic eclipse, where our bodies cast the most enticing shadows.”

  15. “The moon whispers secrets to the night, and tonight, I want to share our own naughty

  16. “In the moon’s sultry glow, your silhouette becomes the most irresistible work of art.”

  17. “Our connection is a magnetic force, pulling us closer under the naughty allure of the moon.”

  18. “Tonight’s desire is written in the stars, and our bodies are the pages of an illicit celestial novel.”

  19. “Like the moon pulling the tide, your sensuality draws me in with an irresistible gravitational force.”

  20. “Under the moon’s intimate embrace, let’s create a symphony of pleasure that echoes in the heavens.”


Make sure to say these with confident and in a funny way for the best results. Make sure to also read our article on the best tinder pick up lines according to science.

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