60 Animal pick up lines and rizz

animal pick up lines used when dating

Animal pick up lines are lines that you can use to impress someone who likes animals or in a situation related to animals in any way. These pick up lines can also be used on tinder. Here are the best animal themed pick up lines:



  • “Are you a cheetah? Because you’ve caught my heart faster than anyone else.”


  • “Do you have a map? Because I just got lost in your panda eyes.”


  • “Are you a beaver? Because damn, you’re fine!”


  • “Are you a dolphin? Because you’ve got me flipping head over fins.”


  • “Is your name Cat? Because you’re purr-fect to me.”


  • “Are you a kangaroo? Because I’d hop right into your pouch.”


  • “Are you a fox? Because you’re one foxy lady.”


  • “Are you an owl? Because you’ve got me hooting for you.”


  • “Are you a penguin? Because I’d waddle a thousand miles to be with you.”


  • “Are you a lion? Because I’ve been lion about how much I like you.”


  • “Are you a snake? Because you’ve slithered right into my heart. “


  • “Girl, are you a cheetah? Because you’re fast enough to outrun my loneliness. “


  • “You must be a peacock because you strut your stuff like no other. “


  • “Are you a lioness? Because I’m ready to be your king of the jungle. “


  • “Are you a shark? Because you’ve got me drowning in your love. “


Funny animal pick up lines


Research has shown that funny pick up lines are very effective. Here are 10 funny animal pick up lines:


  • “WSP, are you a cat? ‘Cause you got me feline fine! 🐱”


  • “Girl, you must be a bat ’cause you just flew into my heart cave. 🦇”


  • “You a bee? ‘Cause damn, you the queen buzzin’ in my hive. 🐝”


  • “Yo, you got a name, or can I call you mine like my loyal pup? 🐶”


  • “You a cheetah? ‘Cause my heart’s sprintin’ for you. 🐆”


  • “Are you a penguin? ‘Cause you got me waddlin’ to your love. 🐧”


  • “Owl be real, you got me hootin’ for ya. 🦉”


  • “You a dolphin? ‘Cause I’m flippin’ for you, girl. 🐬”


  • “You believe in love at first sight, or should I strut by again like a majestic swan? 🦢”


  • “Yo, you a kangaroo? ‘Cause you make my heart jump like crazy. 🦘”


20 Romantic animal themed pick up lines:


  • WSP? You a cat? ‘Cause you’ve got me feelin’ all purr-y inside. 🐱
  • Are you an owl? ‘Cause I can’t stop hootin’ and hollerin’ for you. 🦉
  • You a dolphin? ‘Cause I’m riding your waves straight to my heart. 🐬
  • Are you a panda? ‘Cause I can’t bear the thought of you not being mine. 🐼
  • You a butterfly? ‘Cause every time I see you, my heart takes flight. 🦋
  • Are you a lion? ‘Cause I ain’t lion when I say you’re the one for me. 🦁
  • You a penguin? ‘Cause I wanna waddle through life by your side. 🐧
  • Are you a swan? ‘Cause together, we make the perfect pair on life’s pond. 🦢
  • You a koala? ‘Cause I’m clingin’ to the idea of us together. 🐨
  • Are you a peacock? ‘Cause you make my heart explode with all your colors. 🦚
  • You a horse? ‘Cause you’ve galloped into my dreams. 🐴
  • Are you a parrot? ‘Cause you add color to my life every day. 🦜
  • You an elephant? ‘Cause I never forget the way you make me feel. 🐘
  • Are you a whale? ‘Cause my love for you is deep, like the sea. 🐋
  • You a giraffe? ‘Cause you got me reaching for the stars. 🦒
  • Are you a cheetah? ‘Cause my heart races every time I see you. 🐆


20 cheesy animal Rizz lines


  • Are you a cat? Because you’ve purr-fectly captured my heart.
  • Are you an owl? Because you’ve got me hooting for your love.
  • Are you a dolphin? Because I’m hooked on your waves.
  • Are you a panda? Because I can’t bear to be without you.
  • Are you a butterfly? Because my heart flutters every time I see you.
  • Are you a lion? Because I’m not lion when I say I love you.
  • Are you a penguin? Because I want to waddle through life with you.
  • Are you a swan? Because I think we’re meant to glide through life together.
  • Are you a koala? Because I can’t stop koala-fying you as my perfect match.
  • Are you a peacock? Because you make my heart burst with colors.
  • Are you a bee? Because you’re sweet as honey.
  • Are you a fox? Because you’re absolutely foxy.
  • Are you a kangaroo? Because you make my heart jump.
  • Are you a turtle? Because I’d slow down time to be with you.
  • Are you a horse? Because you’ve galloped right into my heart.



The lines given in this article are best used as inspiration for creating your own lines. Does your crush like flowers? if so you should check out our flower pick up lines

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